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Brand Spotlight: The Latest Residential Innovations from Lutron

Learn about the latest and most exciting offerings from Lutron —one of which is a new partnership with Josh.ai

Today, lighting and shading control systems are staples in the modern smart home for enhancing comfort, convenience, and energy efficiency. And no company does it better than Lutron. Lutron has been a standard-bearer for flexible, scalable, and reliable lighting and shading control systems for decades, and their product offerings continue to improve year over year. 

As your trusted Lutron dealer in the Long Island area — from Southampton to Montauk, NY — CK Technology Group is here to keep you up-to-date with all the exciting products Lutron has on the table. 2021 has been a big year for Lutron so far — keep reading to learn more about some of the latest innovations Lutron has to offer for homes just like yours. 


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Find a Lutron Solution to Meet All Your Commercial Lighting Needs

Let Lutron lighting control help you create the right environment in your facility

Whether you manage a business, hotel, university, or restaurant, creating the right environment is crucial to maintain the well-being of your employees and customers. Lighting control is one of the most effective tools at your disposal for improving the comfort, productivity, safety, and ambiance in your commercial spaces. 

In the commercial lighting control industry, no brand does it better than Lutron. Lutron offers advanced lighting and shading systems that help you create the right environment in various dynamic spaces. They have multiple solutions based on your space, budget, and performance requirements. 

Keep reading to learn more about Lutron’s best-in-class solutions for commercial spaces in New York, NY, then call CK Technology Group to get started on your commercial lighting project.


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Enjoy Touch-Free Home Control With Josh.ai Automation

Josh is one of the most advanced voice-controlled automation systems on the market

Voice control technology has been rising in popularity for several years now, especially with the emergence of DIY voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Home in the home technology market. And while DIY assistants are fantastic and convenient helpers for hands-free control over devices like a smart speaker or thermostat, they don’t fully capture the possibilities of voice control.

Instead of controlling a few devices with Alexa voice commands, how about controlling your entire home with the power of voice? That’s where Josh.ai comes into the picture. Josh is a voice-controlled home automation system that uses advanced AI technology to understand natural voice commands, instructions, greetings, questions, and more. 

CK Technology Group — your trusted home automation company in Montauk, NY — is a certified Josh.ai dealer who can help you make whole-home voice control a reality. Keep reading to learn more about Josh and what it can do in your home. 


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What Conference Room Solutions Does Your Business Need in 2021?

Equip your conference rooms with the latest technologies to promote productivity, collaboration, and comfort

After over a year spent in lockdown at home, employees are beginning to return to the office for work. But with all the changes in communications, collaboration, and productivity that have transformed the work environment over the past year, many employees are reluctant to return to the workplace as it once was. 

Now, employees expect increased remote work opportunities and the same flexibility and comfort in the office that they became accustomed to working from home. What can your New York, NY business do to make the office a more collaborative, productive, and comfortable environment for returning workers? First, keep reading to explore some conference room solutions that will take your meeting spaces to the next level. Then, call CK Technology Group to discuss these solutions in more depth to find the right fit for your business needs.



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Why IP? Installation Challenges in Historic Grand Central Terminal

Fresh from the successful video security and systems installation at the new Agern restaurant and the Great Northern Food Hall in Grand Central Terminal, I spoke with Chris Kossifos, Managing Member of CK Technology Group, about the benefits of deploying an open platform, IP system within this demanding historic setting.


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