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Enjoy Touch-Free Home Control With Josh.ai Automation

posted by Admin User at 2021-08-12 09:18:00

Josh is one of the most advanced voice-controlled automation systems on the market

Voice control technology has been rising in popularity for several years now, especially with the emergence of DIY voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Home in the home technology market. And while DIY assistants are fantastic and convenient helpers for hands-free control over devices like a smart speaker or thermostat, they don’t fully capture the possibilities of voice control.

Instead of controlling a few devices with Alexa voice commands, how about controlling your entire home with the power of voice? That’s where Josh.ai comes into the picture. Josh is a voice-controlled home automation system that uses advanced AI technology to understand natural voice commands, instructions, greetings, questions, and more. 

CK Technology Group — your trusted home automation company in Montauk, NY — is a certified Josh.ai dealer who can help you make whole-home voice control a reality. Keep reading to learn more about Josh and what it can do in your home. 

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Speak to Your Home Naturally

Josh.ai uses proprietary Natural Language Processing (NLP) software and machine learning to understand and respond to everyday speech. Unlike DIY voice assistants (Alexa, Google Home, etc.) that require you to memorize specific voice commands, you can talk to Josh like you talk to your friends and family. And Josh gets more intelligent over time — the more you use Josh, the more the system will adapt to your preferences. 

Here are a few cool things that Josh can do:

  • Know what room you’re in without you saying so. Josh Nano and Micro devices know their locations. You don’t need to say, “turn on the TV in the family room” while you’re standing in the family room. Simply say, “turn on the TV,” and Josh will get it. 
  • Understand nicknames. Do you say “family room” while your spouse says “den?” Do you like to call the television “the tube” sometimes? There’s no need for anyone in your family to change their way of speaking to accommodate Josh. You can personalize Josh to understand any number of nicknames and slang phrases for rooms, devices, and scenes.
  • Execute complex commands. Josh understands and executes complex commands that use multiple devices in your home. For example, if you say, “close the shades, turn on the light, and play music,” Josh will instantly complete each action. 

Want to learn additional intelligent features Josh has? Call CK Technology Group, and our team will be happy to tell you more!

Control Your Entire Home With the Sound of Your Voice

You can use Josh.ai to control all the connected devices in your home. Josh integrates with hundreds of third-party smart devices for lighting, shading, audio, video, thermostats, surveillance cameras, door stations, smart switches, fans, garage doors, security, outdoor technology, and more. Josh also integrates with pre-existing home control systems like Control4, Crestron, and Lutron. 

The Josh app provides a single, browser-based platform for managing your connected devices, creating custom settings and voice commands, and building personalized scenes. While you’re away from home, simply tap the app on your smartphone and give a voice command to control any device in your home. Or use the touchscreen interface on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop web browser to scroll through your house and adjust settings during the day. 

Call Your Local Home Automation Company to Learn More

Josh.ai is sold exclusively through certified dealers like CK Technology Group, who are trained to install and support Josh. If you’re interested in controlling your entire home with simple voice commands, connect with us to discuss Josh.ai solutions. Call or fill out an online contact form to reach our experts. 

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