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What Conference Room Solutions Does Your Business Need in 2021?

posted by Admin User at 2021-07-16 09:20:00

Equip your conference rooms with the latest technologies to promote productivity, collaboration, and comfort

After over a year spent in lockdown at home, employees are beginning to return to the office for work. But with all the changes in communications, collaboration, and productivity that have transformed the work environment over the past year, many employees are reluctant to return to the workplace as it once was. 

Now, employees expect increased remote work opportunities and the same flexibility and comfort in the office that they became accustomed to working from home. What can your New York, NY business do to make the office a more collaborative, productive, and comfortable environment for returning workers? First, keep reading to explore some conference room solutions that will take your meeting spaces to the next level. Then, call CK Technology Group to discuss these solutions in more depth to find the right fit for your business needs.


Crestron Conferencing

All-in-one Crestron conferencing systems make managing your meeting spaces easier than ever before. With Crestron, you can manage and control all your room technologies — audio, video, lighting, shading, climate, security, networking, and more — from a single tabletop device. Last year, Crestron also released mobile control that allows meeting leaders to control the conference room from a smartphone.

Facilitate more collaboration during meetings with Crestron AirMedia software that enables wireless content sharing from personal devices like laptops, smartphones, and personal tablets. This means your employees can share audio and video clips, documents, and presentations to the room at large without even getting up from their seats. 

Use Crestron room scheduling to make sure double-bookings that create confusion, slow down production, and frustrate employees are a thing of the past. Crestron’s scheduling feature integrates with numerous calendar platforms (Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft 365, Outlook, Google, etc.) to make booking rooms and scheduling meetings straightforward. Additionally, install wall-mounted touchscreens outside your conference rooms that instantly show a room’s status and allow teams to book a room for later use. 

Crestron conferencing systems integrate easily with cameras, speakers, microphones, and display screens to bring high-quality audio and video to all your meetings and presentations. As certified Crestron dealers, our experts at CK Technology Group will help you create the right setup in your small, medium, and executive boardrooms, plus huddle rooms and other informal meeting spaces.

Zoom Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is a must-have meeting room solution for hybrid workforces with a mix of in-person and remote employees. Crestron hardware natively integrates with Zoom software to bring high-fidelity audio and video conferencing to all your conference rooms. 

In a fully integrated Zoom Room, meeting leaders can start and join audio-video meetings with one touch on the tabletop device as soon as they walk into the conference room. Zoom software also facilitates wireless content sharing, interactive whiteboarding, and room scheduling for Zoom meetings. Plus, Zoom recently updated its Voice Commands to allow team leaders to start meetings with a simple verbal instruction.

Lutron Lighting, Shading, and Climate

At CK Technology Group, we’ll help you integrate Crestron conferencing with Lutron’s lighting, shading, and temperature control systems to bring more comfort to your meeting spaces. For example, with Lutron lighting control, you can instantly set the right brightness level for a brainstorming session, executive meeting, or presentation with the tap of a button on your tabletop interface or in-wall keypad. Similarly, one button press can raise motorized window shades to let in natural light or lower them to reduce uncomfortable glare. For touchless control over your conference rooms, utilize occupancy and vacancy sensors to adjust the lights and temperature based on a room’s occupancy. 

Are you ready to build better conference rooms with all the solutions your employees need for productivity, more efficient meetings, and comfort? Contact CK Technology Group to start a discussion with our team of commercial experts. Give us a call or fill out an online contact form. We look forward to working with you!


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