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A Commercial Camera System That Works For You

When it comes to workplace safety, information is king

It can be easy to think that installing a few cameras with basic CCTVs will suffice if you own a business. And while this can be true when you’re getting started, setting up a commercial camera system in New York, NY, without comprehensive video management software is like building a car without a dashboard. 

Read on to learn how technology and a seasoned pro like CK Technology play a key role in fully rounding out your camera system.


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Upgrade Your Company’s Smart Networking Solutions

Our Team Has Your Entire Installation Covered

Don’t let a faulty network connection create hiccups during your bustling workday, especially during this continually busy time of year. A network is the groundwork of any business, keeping everyone connected while maintaining communications for those in your New York, NY locations and in their home offices. So, if your system isn’t robust and secure, you’ll find your day suddenly riddled with delays.

Your company is likely in need of upgraded networking solutions and a professional installation. Our team of experts at CK Technology Group can assist with every step of the process! Want to find out more? Keep reading on below. 


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Total Control & Touch-Free Home Automation with Josh.ai


Nothing says luxury like home automation. Controlling your home’s technologies by tapping an icon sets you apart from the “Joneses” while making your home life more convenient. Change the brightness or hue of the lighting in a room with one swipe on your smart home touchpad. Tap the “movie night” scene on your tablet to adjust all the technologies in your home theater at the same time. Certainly, a smart home offers a level of living that few people experience.

But did you know it could be even better? The Josh.ai voice assistant is specifically designed for smart home systems. Whether you have an existing smart home system or want a new one, Josh.ai is the perfect way to enhance your way of life in New York, NY. Keep reading to learn more about Josh.ai and its many benefits. 


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Keep Your Vacation Home Safe with Remote Access Security

Maintain Peace of Mind Over the Holidays & Long After

With the holiday season upon us, you’ll more than likely be heading to your vacation home in the Hamptons to enjoy time with family and friends and make the most of the break. But arriving at a property that’s left unoccupied for great lengths of time can often cause worry or unease. Has anyone been scouting the place before you got there? And what about when you leave – how can you ensure your home is kept well-protected when you head back to your primary residence?
Remote access security gives you the needed peace of mind over the holidays – and long after – with the ability to check in whenever you want. Want to find out what this security solution entails and how it can benefit you and your Hamptons, NY, home? Keep reading on below.


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Bring Your Living Spaces Together with Home Automation & Control

Which Trusted Brand Will Streamline Your Home?

With home automation, you can tie your entire Montauk, NY living space together by tapping a button! Add convenience and luxury to every moment of your day with zero hassle using reliable, consistent solutions. However, when it comes to your smart home system, you have several brand options to consider.
Control4, Crestron, or Lutron – which trusted company can streamline your entire smart home? In this blog, we’ll dive into these three leading brands in the industry, so you can determine which integrated setup you’re ready to bring to your property.

Want to find out more? Keep reading on below!


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