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Just Say the Word: Benefits of a Voice Control System

Manage Your Smart Home in a Whole-New Way!

Smart home automation might sound like an overwhelming concept to some wary of bringing these innovative technologies into their homes. If you’re unsure how most smart solutions operate, they can seem inaccessible or perhaps too complicated to manage. But your East Hampton, NY smart home should never be a hassle to control.
Whether with your smartphone or touchscreen tablet, you can tap a button to manage any aspect of your smart home. But what if you could also simply say a word or phrase? A voice control system eliminates any frustrations when it comes to communicating with your home’s systems and technologies.
Dive into what voice control can bring to your smart home experience by reading on below.


Upgrade Your Commercial Audio Video & Streamline Business Operations

Ready to Improve Your Office Communications & Productivity?

Your New York, NY office relies on seamless communications for things to get done – and to get done well! But once a technical glitch or miscommunication occurs, delays might result and throw the whole workday off. A professional AV system can ensure your day-to-day operations run without a hitch!
Are your commercial audio video solutions in need of an upgrade? In this blog, we’ll take you through the benefits of high-end AV technologies, their features, and how they can improve your next meeting – and every moment of your day.
Find out more by reading on below.


Bring Enterprise Wi-Fi to Your Business Today

Don’t Wait on a Network Installation!

Your company completely relies on a strong and stable internet connection that keeps your daily operations up and running. Unfortunately, one delay can cause several down the line – putting a halt on production and leading to frustration. However, you can avoid these technical setbacks in your New York, NY company with an enterprise Wi-Fi and network.
So, why wait on a professional system installation and upgrade? An enterprise setup is essential for your business’s success. Bring this top-notch connection to your company today with CK Technology Group on your side. Find out more about our services and solutions below!


Upgrade Your Workplace for the New Year with Unified Communications

Deliver Elevated Commercial AV & More to Your Whole Company

The New Year is here, and with it, everyone has their resolutions and big to-do lists at the top of their priorities. It’s the perfect time to upgrade your workplace with commercial audio-video solutions that bridge the gap between the teams in your hybrid workforce.
So, what are unified communications, and what can they do for your New York, NY business? In this blog, we’ll dive into how these systems and technologies improve your company’s overall teamwork and daily operations. Read on below to find out more about these innovative solutions.


A Commercial Camera System That Works For You

When it comes to workplace safety, information is king

It can be easy to think that installing a few cameras with basic CCTVs will suffice if you own a business. And while this can be true when you’re getting started, setting up a commercial camera system in New York, NY, without comprehensive video management software is like building a car without a dashboard. 

Read on to learn how technology and a seasoned pro like CK Technology play a key role in fully rounding out your camera system.



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