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Bring Your Living Spaces Together with Home Automation & Control

Which Trusted Brand Will Streamline Your Home?

With home automation, you can tie your entire Montauk, NY living space together by tapping a button! Add convenience and luxury to every moment of your day with zero hassle using reliable, consistent solutions. However, when it comes to your smart home system, you have several brand options to consider.
Control4, Crestron, or Lutron – which trusted company can streamline your entire smart home? In this blog, we’ll dive into these three leading brands in the industry, so you can determine which integrated setup you’re ready to bring to your property.

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What Conference Room Solutions Does Your Business Need in 2021?

Equip your conference rooms with the latest technologies to promote productivity, collaboration, and comfort

After over a year spent in lockdown at home, employees are beginning to return to the office for work. But with all the changes in communications, collaboration, and productivity that have transformed the work environment over the past year, many employees are reluctant to return to the workplace as it once was. 

Now, employees expect increased remote work opportunities and the same flexibility and comfort in the office that they became accustomed to working from home. What can your New York, NY business do to make the office a more collaborative, productive, and comfortable environment for returning workers? First, keep reading to explore some conference room solutions that will take your meeting spaces to the next level. Then, call CK Technology Group to discuss these solutions in more depth to find the right fit for your business needs.



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