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CK Technology Group has years of experience designing and engineering software for a variety of industries, including computer networking, industrial automation, home automation, transportation and construction. With in-house developers well versed in all modern programming languages and disciplines as well as experience in implementation and coordination with product managers, we can supply solution your business needs at a budget and timeline that you can afford. 

  • Custom Web Applications
  • Mobile Applications (iOS/Android)
  • IoT Applications (Raspberry Pi, Arduino)
  • Windows, MacOS and Linux business applications
  • Custom software modules for automation and control systems (Crestron, Control4, Home Assistant, BAC-Net)
  • Website Design/Dev (HTML5, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Python, MySQL, MongoDB)
  • Custom Captive Portals (Ruby on Rails, HTML5)
  • Algorithm Devleopment (Machine Learning, AI)
  • API Development
Our engineering staff is managed by our in-house team, and all engineers are based either in the USA or South America. Contact us today to learn what solutions we can build for you!