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PPAir (US Patent Pending) can be installed in all types of environments and are used in a wide range of applications. Keep your facility clean and ensure your customers and patients have peace of mind when visiting your facility.

Typical rooms can be disinfected in under 20 minutes and PPAir is customized and calibrated to each specific room. Depending on room size, targeted areas, and disinfection time constraint, more than one UV-C Disinfection fixture may be required.


Smart UV-C Systems




  • Intelligent Occupancy Sensor
    Ensures that areas requiring disinfection/sterilization will be occupant-free before or during the disinfection process.
  • UV-C Disinfection Fixture
    Medical grade germicidal UV-C lamp fixture(s). One or more fixtures can be installed in a room and are intelligently controlled to compliment each other for difficult or complex disinfection/sterilization tasks.
  • Full Wireless Control from a Traditional, Standard 110v Outlet
    Easily retrofittable into any room with an outlet. Connects over an industrial wireless network for monitoring, control and configuration. Wireless system will not interfere with WiFi.
  • Touch Screen Display
    Instantly determine room disinfection/sterilization status, UV-C Fixture maintenance and schedule manual or additonal cleaning cycles.
  • Companion Smart Phone App
    The same user interface presented on the Touch Screen display also available on any smart phone via our app. The app can connect locally on your network or be connected over the internet remotely to your office.
  • Status Beacon
    Individual room status indicator automatically controlled and updated via smart control processor. Ensure your staff and customers know when the room is sterilized.
  • Smart Control Processor
    Designed and programmed specifically to control the smart UV-C sterilization system without any need for intervention or input. Maintains all maintenance scheduling information as well as controlling all system safety mechanisms.
  • Intelligent Cloud Monitoring
    System connects over the internet to our intelligent cloud which provides monitoring of the room occupancy schedule, manages notifications/alerts and performs maintenance checks automatically to ensure PPAir is always ready!
  • Over-the-Air Software Updates to Enable Future Functionality & Re-calibration
    PPAir is upgradeable via over-the-air software updates for the life of the product. This includes feature enhancements, re-calibration and even the ability to move your PPAir system to a new room of different dimensions and ensure the cleaning paramaters match the new room specifications.