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Infrastructure & Network Engineering

This is the first part of a any successful and well operating Information Technology or Communications system. From the physical cabling to the network equipment, your infrastructure is the backbone of your business systems.

Communication Technologies

Communication is Key! Its key to running and maintaining your business. From PBX Telephone Systems to Unified Messaging Platforms, communication in the modern world requires best of bread technology and a partner who understands it.

Security & Surveillance Systems

Keeping an eye on your business is important. Protecting it is paramount. From physical security to security in cyberspace, CK Technology has the experience and expertise to protect and serve.

Home & Building AutomatioN/Control

IT Systems have been steadily moving from the server room to the whole building - today's technology is far more versatile than just a few years ago and technology systems are popping up everywhere. We can show you how traditional building and home systems, like lighting, temperature and control can be augmented with technology for cost savings and efficiency, as well as comfort and convenience.

Network & Business Technology Consulting

New office, old office - it doesn't matter. Business and Technology processes in the modern world go hand in hand. Allow CK Technology to ensure you have all the advantages a modern office relies on. From email to file storage, to network applications and everything in between, allow us to implement, repair, streamline and design a proper information technology solution to support your business objectives.