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PPAir - by CK Technology Group

(US Patent Pending)

Our engineers will calibrate each PPAir system to its respective room(s) to ensure that the disinfection process is as effective as possible. Unlike other portable systems without intelligence, our systems are custom designed and calibrated to a specific room. Since PPAir’s disinfection routines are implemented via intelligent software algorithms, the system can be easily and remotely re-calibrated should room characteristics change or the system be relocated.

Our Systems can be easily retrofitted into any space with existing wall (or ceiling) electrical receptacles. The Smart Touch Screen Display and Status Beacon are optional, as the whole system is controlled through the Smart Control Processor which lives anywhere on your network in a small, wall-mounted enclosure. Full control of the system can be achieved through the companion smart phone app if the Touch Screen and Status Beacon are not wanted or required.




smart screen
Quickly & seamlessly determine the status of your space from our intuitive user display.
smart screen
Displays real time status of disinfection/sterilization process.
smart screen
Automatically determines when space requires disinfection based on room use and time between disinfection routines.
smart screen
On screen administrative interface ensures that only those with appropriate permissions can modify and adjust the disinfection/sterilization schedule, view smart UV-C fixture status, see past disinfection history, assign users, and more!
smart screen
A 5” Vertically Mounted Smart Touch Screen can also be chosen if desired. Smart Touch Screen can be ordered in Black or White.