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Home Automation Company, Montauk, NY

Enjoy Touch-Free Home Control With Josh.ai Automation

Josh is one of the most advanced voice-controlled automation systems on the market

Voice control technology has been rising in popularity for several years now, especially with the emergence of DIY voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Home in the home technology market. And while DIY assistants are fantastic and convenient helpers for hands-free control over devices like a smart speaker or thermostat, they don’t fully capture the possibilities of voice control.

Instead of controlling a few devices with Alexa voice commands, how about controlling your entire home with the power of voice? That’s where Josh.ai comes into the picture. Josh is a voice-controlled home automation system that uses advanced AI technology to understand natural voice commands, instructions, greetings, questions, and more. 

CK Technology Group — your trusted home automation company in Montauk, NY — is a certified Josh.ai dealer who can help you make whole-home voice control a reality. Keep reading to learn more about Josh and what it can do in your home. 


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