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What Does Your Home Need for a Reliable Network Setup?

posted by Admin User at 2021-09-27 11:25:00

CK Technology Group will make sure you have the high-speed coverage and connections you need

In today’s digitally connected world, an internet connection is as vital a utility in your East Hampton, NY, home as electricity and water are. Your home network requires high speed, reliable connections, and adequate bandwidth to support bandwidth-heavy activities like streaming movies and TV shows. Additionally, with cyberattacks on the rise across the U.S., you need to make sure your network has robust security to protect your data against hackers, malware, and viruses.
CK Technology Group provides complete networking solutions to ensure you have the coverage and connections you need to work and play safely at home. Keep reading to learn more about what you need for a reliable home network setup!

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Enterprise-Grade Hardware

Your home network setup begins with the right hardware components — namely, a router and switches. Routers and switches are the components that connect your home devices to each other and the internet. We recommend enterprise-grade networking hardware, which provides more reliability, better processing, more memory, better security protocols, and better traffic prioritization than consumer-grade equipment.
An enterprise-grade solution from a manufacturer like Ruckus can easily handle your home networking needs now and support future growth as your smart home expands.
Wired and Wireless Connections
Your home network will likely include a combination of wired and wireless connections. We recommend hardwiring the backbone of your network (the router and switches) with Ethernet CAT6 and fiber optic wiring for the fastest and most reliable networking setup. Additionally, you may choose to hardwire some of the devices in your home — like desktop computers and entertainment systems — for better speed and reliability.
The other type of internet connection is wireless. Your smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other smart devices will connect to your network via Wi-Fi. When choosing an Internet Service Provider (ISP), the most important part is selecting a high-speed package with adequate bandwidth to support gaming, streaming, and smart home operation.
Another Wi-Fi consideration is Wi-Fi 6, the next generation of Wi-Fi. The newest set of standards boast faster speeds and the ability to use more devices simultaneously without overwhelming the network. However, using Wi-Fi 6 requires a compatible router and devices, and it may be a setup that you build slowly over the years as you begin replacing devices and upgrading your network.
Wireless Access Points (WAPs)

All homes have wireless dead zones where signals are weak, no matter how good your router is. Wireless access points (WAPs) expand Wi-Fi coverage and allow more people to use connected devices simultaneously without overloading the network. They’re a great tool for ensuring corner-to-corner coverage and expanding your Wi-Fi access outside to outdoor entertainment systems.    
When WAPs are installed, they’re hardwired back to a router or switch via an ethernet cable. Each access point creates its own local area network (LAN) for wireless signals. With multiple strategically placed WAPs, you’ll be able to roam freely throughout the house without experiencing network interruptions or dropped connections.
Security Measures
Protect your home network and private information with robust security measures that keep hackers, malware, and viruses out. Our team at CK Technology Group can safeguard a network installation with firewalls, encryption settings, and VPNs to protect your digital life and connected devices. Additionally, you can take steps to secure your network by setting strong usernames and passwords for routers and connected devices, creating a guest network with limited access to your home for visitors, and routinely upgrading your router firmware to eliminate security vulnerabilities.
Are you ready to upgrade your home network solution for more reliability, security, and speed? At CK Technology Group, we’ll assess your current setup and provide expert recommendations based on your household’s unique needs. Call us or fill out an online form to schedule a no-obligation consultation today.

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