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Why an Office Security System Is Crucial for Your Business

posted by Admin User at 2021-10-11 12:59:00

Create a Safe & Secure Place for Every Employee 

As more and more employees come back to the offices to join the in-person workforce, there will likely be a reasonable increase in concern over company safety and security. So, your top priority is your team and company’s protection – but how can you give your staff peace of mind when you can’t be everywhere at once? You certainly can’t always keep an eye on everything.
This is where an integrated office security system eases daily work life in your New York, NY office. A smart system eliminates your everyday worries and ensures your company stays safe, always.

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Smart Surveillance Cameras

Having eyes everywhere on your company’s property isn’t an impossible feat when you have smart surveillance cameras throughout your office building – both inside and out. A surveillance system puts the control in your hands and lets you see what is going on in every area of your business.

Easy-to-use PTZ cameras (that is, pan, tilt, and zoom cameras) let you operate them from any smart device, including your smartphone, while you’re away or at home. Get instant notifications sent straight to your phone to let you know when something suspicious has been caught on camera (via innovative video analytics), and you can even save recorded video clips to view. Smart surveillance lets you stay in the know on what is happening throughout your offices at all times, and CK Technology Group can set up a system for you!

Smart Solutions Ensure a Secure Property

While surveillance cameras cover most of your concerns, you want to make sure that every entryway and location in your office feels safe and secure as well. For example, advanced access control and electronic door locks keep your entrances and exits well-protected, guaranteeing that only authorized people enter your office building and designated areas.
Also, other solutions such as a network intrusion detection/firewall system keep your internet connection safe and secure – a component you might not initially consider as part of your office security system. However, cybersecurity is essential to your company’s protection.

Want to find out more about an office security system for your business? Give our team a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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